About Us

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Where it all started.

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In 2003, Dr. Héctor David Acosta Hernández founded Hospicio Las Brisas to provide palliative care services to patients at their homes. He provided those services to patients in town of Vega Baja and its vicinity. The company started to stand apart from the rest because of its high-quality services and the dignified care provided to patients and their families. The company served the community of older adults, without excluding any patient with a terminal illness.

As a member of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Dr. Acosta made sure that Brisas was always updating its protocols and service offerings to keep up with the latest advancements in palliative care. He also established rigorous hiring and training protocols for his employees, thus guaranteeing the consistency and quality of the services.

Today, Hospicio Las Brisas has changed its name to Brisas Health to embody the new range of services it offers. In the hands of David Acosta, who grew up immersed in the industry and shares his father's vision of service, the company continues to operate with the same professionalism, humane values and commitment that have distinguished it for the past 25 years.

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Our commitment

At Brisas Health we take great pride in the services we offer to our patients, which are anchored in 3 core values: providing relief, meeting needs and giving support.

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Improving the quality of life of patients with chronic conditions and illnesses in their most critical moments, through compassionate and personalized home care services while providing medical, emotional and spiritual support for the patient and peace of mind for his or her family.

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To become the fastest growing and most respected home care service com- pany for its dedication to the quality of life of patients, its commitment to offering the most complete and innovative services in palliative care, the rigorous standards for recruiting staff members and its humane and compassionate approach.

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Giving value to every moment of our patients' lives with humanity and compassion.

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